Original Handmade Bold Statement Jewelry

Bold statement jewelry with a viking/Dark Age flair! Many of these earthy pieces are inspired by many of the ancient artifacts which were buried with the early Viking and Saxon tribal leaders. They are intentionally rustic and earthy, designed to bring out the Viking, Celtic or Saxon Warrior Queen buried deep within your civiized soul. Many of these items can be made in silver for an additional price.

For the non-barbarian crowd we also have been producing a limited number of more contemporary pieces. I am currently working an industrial metal prisoner series that will focus on the many years I spent trapped in the corporate world working as a engineer. This series will celebrate my liberation from that world and my extreme jubliation at beeing freed and now working as an artist full-time. I will post new items as they becom available. You can check out my facebook page to see what I am currently working on.

You can purchase my work at my on-line shop or at the following Galleries: Gallert529, Perriwinkle's glass works, The Creative Underground.

Gallery of Currently Available work can be found Here