About Us

Welcome to Saxon Designs Studio & Gallery!

We are a small family-run studio located near the center of Carlisle MA. In 2009 we built a small studio of our own with a new gas reduction kiln right here in Carlisle!

We have a passion for medieval, Celtic and early Norse architectural patterns - these are the things that most heavily influence the design of our pieces. Each piece as a blank canvas that is beckoning to be filled in with rich patterns and textures.

All of our pieces are handmade stoneware; we do not use pre-made commercial bisqueware or commercial moulds. The pieces are fired in a high-temperature reduction environment. The reduction environment creates chemical changes in the stoneware body and glaze surface which produces variable effects not found in commercial, mass-produced ceramics.

All of our dinnerware pieces are food-safe unless otherwise noted. We do not use lead in any of our pieces.

Our studio gallery is open to the public on a seasonal basis. Please check the events page for current hours.